Ukraine, 49000, Dnepr
Evropeiskiy blvd. 4 (Mironov str.)
room 701, +38 (056) 744-04-43


With assistance from our long standing partners our company develops design documentation and carries out full range of construction works on landscaping and finishing for any functional purpose territories.
Outside Ukraine we readily provide:

  • architectural concept for buildings and structures of any functional purpose;
  • interior design of any industrial, public and living areas;
  • architectural concept for landscaping and land improvement;
  • 3D-modelling for any architectural object, interior or landscape.

Full list of available works is as follows:

  • comprehensive analysis of the current territory condition (situation diagram, site orientation, existent green spaces, ground composition, land forms and levels, etc.);
  • landscape stylistic solution development (landscape design concept);
  • development of the landscape design project (land planning options with zoning, one-year and multiyear planting, garden fixtures and other elements of landscape architecture);
  • development of landscaping projects’ engineering parts (landscape lighting, melioration, green space drop watering, etc.);
  • 3D-modelling for landscaping;
  • individual designing of hardscape, battering walls, Alpine rock gardens, arbors, water basins and other elements of landscape architecture;
  • construction works for land improvement and landscape design, planting;
  • building design inspection: tracking and control for all the landscape design engineering, construction and furnishing stages;
  • plants handling.