Ukraine, 49000, Dnepr
Evropeiskiy blvd. 4 (Mironov str.)
room 701, +38 (056) 744-04-43


We develop design documents for any complicacy level and functional purpose interiors – apartments, individual houses, offices, restaurants, industrial plants, etc. – in any needed quantities.

Our services for projects outside Ukraine include:

  • architectural concept for buildings and structures of any functional purpose;
  • interior design of any industrial, public and living areas;
  • architectural concept for landscaping and land improvement;
  • 3D-modelling for any architectural object, interior or landscape.

In-Ukraine projects are to get the extended service spectre:

  • assistance for client in technical assignment compilation;
  • architectural-planning interior solutions (premises layout variants with different solutions for functional zoning, placement of furniture, equipment and other interior elements);
  • styling project (interior stylistic concepts): color layouts, types and combinations of materials used, overall stylistic for furniture, equipment and miscellaneous interior elements;
  • interior project (interior design with full scope of architectural-construction working documentation regarding interior);
  • interior project engineering sections development (electric lighting, electric power supply, water supply and drainage, heating and airing, engineering services, etc.);
  • interior 3D-modelling;
  • building inspection: tracking and control for all the interiors engineering, construction and furnishing stages;
  • interior enrichment (selection of accessory, furnishing and finishing material types, unique works of modern art);
  • professional photo shoot for the ready-made interior.
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