Ukraine, 49000, Dnepr
Evropeiskiy blvd. 4 (Mironov str.)
room 701, +38 (056) 744-04-43

Bureau of architecture and design “ARCOLON-5” was founded March 2007.

Andrey Protasenya
Andrew I. Protasyenya

Founder, Headmaster,
Certified Architect,
Member of National Union of Ukrainian Architects.

Inna Pavlova
Inna Pavlova

Executive director,
projects coordinator.


We specialize in full cycle construction documents development for objects of any purpose and difficulty level – industrial or civil, new construction or restoration.

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Interior Design (ru)

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On our Mission

We make every effort to improve the life quality for every participant of the process, nature and society. This contains two aspects:

  • External aspect is to create a thoroughly harmonic environment for everyones life, work and recreation through the design of expressive, functional and sustainable based on modern optimal design options.
  • Internal aspect is to raise the living standards of our employees, create environment for self-fulfillment, professional and personal growth based on ideological unity, co-operation and mutual respect in our team.


On engineering

(see the “Services” page for more)
List of the works performed:

  • conceptual engineering (architectural concepts)
  • engineering proposition (urban planning conclusion)
  • conceptual sketching
  • full project, working drawings’ approvable part (all sections, including the special ones)
  • working documentation
  • interior design project
  • landscaping and land improvements
  • general designer functions exercising
  • building design inspection
  • settlements and expertises participation


On everything else

Through our long standing partners we provide solutions for every engineering and construction task:

  • documental and legal support for land allotment, engineering, construction and clearing for operation;
  • full cost estimate documentation development;
  • general contracting and construction-assembly work full complex;
  • technical building inspection;
  • front elevations’ architectural lighting, areas’ landscaping lighting;
  • all types of outdoor ads fabrication and assembly.